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MP3 Juice is among the best and very popular MP3 search engines. Also, it’s a very faster search engine that enables you to download various types of Mp3 for free without any hassles. It’s one of the best platforms to download your favorite Music as it supports different kinds of operating systems. Apart from iPhone, PCs, it supports Android smartphones and tablets. This is an excellent Mp3 downloader that only requires entering a song’s name, album’s name, movie’s name. Also, you can search any song by artist’s name.

Mp3 Juices is quite popular among users as they have a simple and convenient tool for downloading Mp3 on their smartphones and PC. It consists of a big collection of mp3 music also it has the ability to download songs in a fraction of seconds. All you download using Juices Mp3 site is just free of costs. Means you don’t have to pay a single penny for the Mp3 you download.

In addition,

It’s a big collection of all kinds of songs which includes millions of songs in many languages. Mp3 Juice is entirely a big database of the different kinds of latest, features, top modern, old, top 10 songs that you can easily access. It has a powerful crawler that efficiently scans the internet. Juice mp3 serves as the best Mp3 downloader that helps in downloading high-quality music online. Juices Mp3 is capable of downloading songs at the band rate of 128kbps+.

This is just because of its excellent features which include song previewing, natural search, and many more, Juices mp3 serves as the best app to download online music. It also enables to set the downloaded Mp3 files as ringtone on your smartphone. This really amazing Mp3 Downloader is a big platform to download various Mp3 files in seconds.


You should remember that this application does not provide any kind of music itself instead it just offers links to the users to other public web domains for actual downloading Mp3. Also, it offers to convert Mp3 to best possible quality.

Mp3 Juices – A story behind the site

Mp3 Juice is a very popular website that offers free music downloading in the least time. Initially, the site was started from domain but now it’s closed. This was developed in the year 2009 with an aim to enhance user experience with music. Further, in the year 2014, a branch of UK Police, the Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) banned this site under criminal investigation. PIPCU was under investigation upon copyright infringement charge.

Then, to improve the music downloading experience without interruptions, Mp3 Juices reintroduced itself in a new form in the year 2014. Now it was available with a different URL So, with this new version of the site, you can now again enjoy downloading Mp3 songs on your mobile and PC. Juices Mp3 now comes with some effective changes which make it as a legal concept. It enables to download fine quality free music on your devices.

In result of this, it has come up with the best part of that it continuously upgrading gradually with new and best services. Further, this site now offers a fresh and advanced way to search from millions of songs and download Mp3 easily and quickly. This Downloader Mp3 allows downloading music from varied languages and different genres.

Also, disallow you to download any music that has copyrights conditions.

Key features of Mp3juice:

We have mentioned some of the amazing features of Juices mp3 below, that introduces its key functionalities.

  • Mp3Juices enables you to choose and download songs from millions of songs options.
  • Juice mp3 has a large list of songs that consist of different kinds of music in different languages.
  • With its powerful crawler, it’s capable of scanning the entire internet to find out your desired music.
  • This best Mp3 Downloader also offers file conversion service which enables you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 directly. By just copy pasting the YouTube video link on the site you can convert the file to Mp3 then download it on your mobile or PC.
  • Also, this downloader Mp3 site also offers cutter service. Using this cutter service, you can cut the extra part of the song.
  • Mp3Juices analyzes music in the perfect and quick manner just because of its powerful crawler.
  • You can preview the Mp3 file you choose before downloading it.
  • It’s a faster and safer Mp3 downloader.
  • Using the Juice Mp3 you can also set Mp3 as a ringtone.

Mp3 Juice: Download Music Quickly for Free:

This site is best because not just you can download any music in a different language quickly and easily. But it allows downloading all music for free of costs. Yes! It’s a free Mp3 downloader. So, with the help of Mp3 Juice, you can get as many songs as you want for absolutely free. It allows downloading songs on different platforms whether smartphones, tablets or PC in best quality and in a legal manner from tons of websites. Further, using Juice Mp3 application you are able to download music in two distinct ways: –

  • Download Juice MP3 on your PC. Helps in downloading Mp3 songs on PC directly.
  • Mp3 Juice songs Download on your Android smartphone.

Using below steps you can download Juice MP3 Songs on your PC

  • First, go to MP3 Juices official website then search for the desired music.
  • If you want to enhance search reach to various types of music search engines, then for this click on the manage sources option further click on the available search engines to include in searching.
  • Now search for the song You can search by song title, artist’s name, song URL.
  • Once you see a pop-up window that shows options to download or play the music then click download icon.
  • You should now see a list with options like download, share on Facebook, save to cloud then choose download.
  • Finally, the song will be downloaded in default download folder.

Mp3 Juice Download on your Android Smartphones and Tablets: – Best thing about downloading Mp3 Juice to Android devices is very quick and simple process. It’s easy to download Mp3 juice on your Android devices in two different ways:

  • By converting the YouTube Videos to Mp3 on your device.
  • By searching and downloading the MP3 file directly.

First: Converting the YouTube Video to a Mp3 File: In this method of Mp3 Juices you need to download music by simply converting any YouTube videos to mp3 files. Further, by using this simple conversion method you can get best quality Mp3 files. It helps in converting favorite music YouTube file to Mp3 in seconds and best quality. Just go through the simple steps below to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files:

Steps for conversion

  • First, visit
  • Search any YouTube video you want, type its name or title or artist’s name to find it.
  • Now simply copy the URL of that video then paste the link in the conversion field on YouTube converter page.
  • Then just simply click on the convert button. Now it’ll be converted from YouTube format to mp3 file in a few seconds.
  • As soon as conversion finishes you’ll find a link to download the file.
  • Finally, click Download option to download this file.

If you want to get any content from other sites than YouTube, then just click on “Show Sources” button. Now it activates ‘source through’ checkboxes that help you in downloading your favorite music from the different site. Also, downloading of Mp3 Juices from any other sites than YouTube not require any conversion to download it further.

Second: Direct Searching and Downloading: You can search and download online music using PC and Android devices. Moreover, Mp3 Juice is a good platform to get various music on your PC and Android phone. Downloading Free mp3 juices on PC and Android is a simple process. We have mentioned simple procedure to Mp3 juice free music download on Android devices below:

  • First, open Settings > General > Security then tap on “Unknown Sources” on your Android device.
  • Open play store then search and download a video downloader for Mp3 downloading on your device.
  • Install the downloader and search directly using its search box.
  • Mp3 juice home page will come up on your mobile. Enter song’s name or title or artist’s name for searching a song.
  • Tap on Manage sources to search through lots of available search resources. Different search sources for free mp3 Juices include YouTube, PromoDJ, VK, Soundcloud, 4shared, Yandex, archives.
  • You can play it live by taping on ‘Play Now’ otherwise tap the download option.
  • Further, you’ll see a pop-up menu showing options download/save/share on Facebook from there, choose download.
  • Set the download location or let it be default location. It will start downloading a will take a few seconds.
  • After downloading the song will be saved on your mobile automatically.

Mp3 Cutter: Once you download the song then by using Mp3 Cutter you can cut off undesired portion in the song. Moreover, you can do this by any of the two methods below:

  • Mp3 cutter helps in removing silence from the mp3.
  • Mp3 cutter enables you to change the length of mp3 file.

It offers Cloud Saving: Now Mp3Juice Fee Music Download has been updated and included with the ability to save mp3 files on the cloud. It allows saving files to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive etc. Simply clicking on “save to cloud” option and selecting cloud service enable to saves files on the cloud.

Offers Secure Downloading: With the Mp3 Juice Free Music Download you can are able to download every song files safely.

Provides Legalized Downloading: You can download songs from Mp3 Juice legally as it has now come up with a legal downloading concept. So, if you are trying to download copyright music, then this site is not for you.

Mp3 Format Supported: – Mp3 Juices supports only Mp3 file format to download any contents. So, to get contents in another format you need to convert the tracks. Mp3 Juice enables to download Mp3 files with best sound quality. It optimizes the size of the file to fit in low space size of your mobile.

Mp3 Juice Download -- Advantages and Disadvantages

Some Advantages: –

  • Mp3 Juice is a popular and free Mp3 music downloader app that gives you a better way to download music.
  • It offers an opportunity to download music from millions of songs in different languages.
  • When you search any Mp3 file you also get detailed information about it.
  • It is a perfect option for YouTube playlists downloading. Not just that, also it offers several other different resources for music downloading online.
  • Therefore, it offers to search for tons of online music with an incredible speed.
  • Further, the music you download is also of very high quality.
  • In addition, it also comes with an incredible Mp3 Cutter that helps in cutting off the undesired portions of the songs. It even allows altering song’s length using it.
  • Also, Mp3 Free Music Download gives freedom to download any number of music for absolutely free.

Some Disadvantages: –

There is also some dark side of it that keep it to certain boundaries. Hence, below are some disadvantages of the Mp3 Juice: –

  • It primarily supports mp3 file format hence to get another format file you may need to first convert them to mp3 format.
  • Also, it disallows downloading copyright files.
  • Sometimes it also provides unrelated search results.
  • Mp3 Juice always shows a pop-up asking for you to install a plug-in for audio encoding.


Considering all the aspects and pros and cons of the Mp3 Juice we can draw a simple conclusion that though like other things it also possesses some drawbacks. But all in all, Mp3 Juice Free Music Download is one of the best tools for downloading music in best quality on various platform. This excellent application has an apt design and best features that help you search through a list of some different kinds of songs from various zones. Also, it offers to search and download songs in multiple languages.

For instance, it allows downloading songs in languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil and many more. Most importantly that you can download all songs for free.

Further, using this amazing app, you are able to search and download music from Mp3 Juice. In addition, it’s perfect to download music on your PC and Android devices as well. Yes, it’s also possible to use this app on PC because of an Android emulator.

Because of its mp3 cutter, you can easily cut off undesired portions of the song. Also, it allows setting ringtones of the songs.

Therefore, this free music downloader app improves your experience and offers a convenient way to download Mp3.